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Mali, W. Africa

Mali Nyeta, the Foundation for the Development of Education in Mali, W. Africa, is working to develop schools in the world’s fifth poorest country. The name of the organization—Mali Nyeta—means “progress in Mali.”

The guiding light of Mali Nyeta is Mme. Bintou Sissoko. Starting almost 20 years ago as the principal of a primary school, Mme. Sissoko oversaw the addition of subsequent grades through the end of high school. That school has already served as a template for four other schools in Mali.

Mme Sissoko’s passion for developing education in Mali is grounded in her experience. As a student, she struggled to learn in over-crowded and under-supplied classrooms. As an educator. she succeeded to instruct and inspire children. As an administrator, she guided other teachers and worked successfully with government officials from the federal and regional departments of education.

The crying need for schools exists in Mali’s rural areas. Mme. Sissoko grew up in the town of Kita, approximately 115 miles from the capital city of Bamako. The people of two villages, located 15 miles from Kita, proposed to Mali Nyeta in May 2010 that we work together to build a school halfway between these two remote hamlets, the villages of Djangoula.

During the next 12 months the villagers constructed a building with 3 classrooms. Mali Nyeta broke ground on a second school building with 3 more classrooms in June 2011. Classes began in the first [Mali Nyeta Logo]  building in November 2011. In October 2012, four teachers opened the first full school year with 153 students dressed in uniforms.

No child can learn on an empty stomach. With that in mind, Mali Nyeta is working with the villagers of Djangoula on several fronts. The association’s micro-finance program has extended a loan for the purchase of a grinding machine that speeds the preparation of their staple food (millet) as well as the income-generating crop of shea nuts.

Mali Nyeta has created two sewing collectives, based in Bamako and Kita. These sewing collectives made the uniforms for the children of Djangoula.

The villagers of Djangoula have proposed that Mali Nyeta aid in the provision of a deep-water well. This will yield clean drinking water and a system of irrigation.

The women of the villages have asked for a health clinic. This facility presupposes the clean water, and a source of electricity for the refrigeration of medical supplies.

Fourteen neighboring villages have sent representatives to Djangoula to meet with Mme Bintou and other staff of Mali Nyeta. There is a reasonable prospect for expanding the organization’s effort in the region, with careful planning.

Please visit our website for further information, videos that tell the story of Mali Nyeta from its inception, and photographs:

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