Global Action Week for Education

For a week every April, Global Campaign for Education Chapters around the world, including the US, highlighting regional and national priorities focused on an annual theme as we work together in the movement for education for all.

Check out ways to get involved and what’s coming up.


Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved upcoming GAWE activities. In the meantime, take a look at GAWE Year Round (below) for inspiration on what you can do to advocate for universal quality inclusive education for all no matter what time of the year.

GAWE Year Round

Global Action Week for Education, or GAWE, is not just limited to a single week in April. You can take action for education all year round! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Individual Actions

  • Educate yourself: Check out our action blogs to get started
  • Follow GCE-US on social media, and share the content with others
  • Write an action blog for GCE-US. Email if you’re interested.
  • Write an op-ed or Letter to the Editor for your local, regional, or national newspaper sharing your story and why it’s important to ensure quality, inclusive education for all.
  • Build awareness in your community or on your campus in a creative way, i.e. chalk, flyers, etc.
  • Call, email, or meet with your Member of Congress asking them to prioritize education for all. For specific asks, information on current legislation, and details on how to contact your Member of Congress, check out the Act with GCE-US page.
  • Explore prior Global Action Week for Education events and actions for more inspiration. If you have questions, reach out to 

Actions to do with Others

    • Host a screening of the award-winning documentary Girl Rising with your friends, family, classmates, or community. Check out these helpful tips! You can do the same with the documentary Building Hope, He Named Me Malala or another movie of your choosing that illustrates the power of education.
    • Set up a meeting with your Member of Congress to share why you and others support education for all.  
    • Hold a fundraising event to donate to an organization of your choice that is supporting universal inclusive quality education for all. 
    • Create a photo petition to allow others to share why they support education for all.
    • Create a video illustrating the power of education for you and your community.
    • Explore prior Global Action Week for Education events and actions on our social media for more inspiration. If you have questions, reach out to

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