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The World Education Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) founded by Marques Anderson in 2009 to design and create educational solutions, which increase social and economic value in marginalized communities around the world. Through strategic implementation our impact yields the reduction of extreme poverty by educating pupils in multiple industries throughout conflict regions.

Development of any kind is ultimately tied to education, which provides the means to change the condition of lives. The WE Foundation covers all aspects of education, which allows individuals and groups to positively contribute to society. Our two main focuses in consideration of program design are impact and growth. With this model, the four developmental pillars WE concentrate on are: Human and Environment Health, Education, Infrastructure Development and Sports.

Approaching these areas in an innovative manner, our main goals are to increase health capacity, create jobs, and grow economic value for our beneficiaries.

One example of the programs the World Education Foundation has implemented is assisting rural Congolese farmers in cultivating and transporting raw quinine to Pharmakina manufacturing pharmacy in South Kivu, DRC.

After delivered, the raw quinine is then processed into Malaria tablets for local distribution. This initiative includes training in sustainable farming techniques, creating value chains, logistics support and improving market linkages to ensure sustainability.

Since the commitment was made in March of 2011, nearly 56 tons of quinine have been cultivated and delivered to Pharmakina, in the city of Bukavu. The raw material has been able to be processed into 364,651 treatments for malaria.

The WEF Creative Solution Process

Ideation: The Process of Generating, Developing and Testing Ideas

Inspiration: The Problem or Opportunity that Motivates the Search For Solutions

Implementation: The Path that Leads from the Project Stage Into People’s Lives

How WE Operate:

WE are not just an organization advocating for peace, WE develop programs, which create PEACE!

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