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At Learning Equality, we are committed to enabling every person in the world to exercise their right to a quality basic education.

We are a non-profit organization that creates free, open source and offline-first software and tools that enable equitable access to quality educational opportunities, in support of effective education technology interventions in low-resource and low-connectivity contexts. 

Learning Equality’s work emerged out of the recognition that the same global populations that have the least access to quality education also have the least access to the growing wealth of available online learning resources. We’re boosting learning outcomes in some of the world's most challenging learning environments, supporting disconnected teachers and learners in refugee camps, rural schools, orphanages, and out-of-school programs. 

With 40% of the world still not online, and in low-income countries only 14% having access and growth rates stagnating, that leaves 3.4 billion people cut off from the opportunities afforded by the Internet. The few tools specifically designed for offline usage are primarily passive content libraries, rather than actively supporting the teaching and learning process. Learning Equality fills this gap by developing Kolibri, the only offline-first, open-source, and easily adopted edtech solution being implemented at scale. As Learning Equality continues development on Kolibri to expand its functionality to respond to the teaching and learning needs for global populations without the internet, it has positioned itself as a leading development organization committed to equity in learning.

What’s next:

In 2023, Learning Equality will publicly release its long awaited Kolibri Android App. Within the Kolibri Product Ecosystem, the Android App is most useful when teachers or learners are either out of range of a central server and the related local area network, but want to continue using Kolibri, or when they are interested in using Kolibri on their own. Kolibri is designed to run across low-cost and legacy hardware when used as a client device within range of a central server, which includes tablets and phones, but with the Android App, Kolibri can be used without a server nearby.

In 2022, we made significant updates to the user experience of the Android App, particularly in terms of performance and battery life. The App will also be released with two key features that support individual users who self-discover the Kolibri Android App in the Google Play Store: (1) the ability for these users to more easily identify the content they want from the Kolibri; and (2) the ability for individuals who find Kolibri on their own to connect their Kolibri instance to a broader server, where there may be additional content and/or support from an educator to provide the personalized learning experience that Kolibri enables.

We believe the App to be a game changer for Kolibri, especially as it relates to the data synchronization mechanisms that support hybrid learning, and ultimately optimize the use of Kolibri, no matter where a learner is.

Join us!

There are many ways in which you can help make quality educational materials and digital tools accessible to everyone:

  • If you speak more than one language and are interested in translating Kolibri into your language, email us at i18nteam@learningequality.org.
  • See a bug? Don’t hesitate to file an issue on Github or send us feedback via the Community Forum.
  • Ready to start using Kolibri? Download the latest version here.
  • Already using Kolibri? Share your story with us via the Community Forum or send us an email at info@learningequality.org.

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