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As Learning Equality, we are “committed to enabling every person in the world to achieve a quality basic education, through supporting the creation and distribution of open educational resources, and facilitating their use inside and outside of classrooms around the world. Through this work, we aim to build a new, open, and fundamentally human-centered educational model, in order to promote human flourishing.” 

Incorporated in 2013, LE is a cohort of unique individuals who believe the best way for us to make a difference is by providing education software to the ⅔ of the world who do not have access to the Internet.

In our first endeavor to do this, we built KA Lite - an open-source platform for viewing and interacting with content from  Khan Academy, the popular learning platform devised by Sal Khan. KA Lite is unique because it can be used even when no Internet is available, and this makes possible for many in the world to learn in spite of a lack of Internet connectivity. In our first year of deployment, we saw some encouraging results! People installed KA Lite all over the world, including on the road, in correctional facilities, and even in more traditional educational settings as an additional learning aid. We have been astounded by the interest in KA Lite and its wide variety of use cases. All of this has prompted us to ask…

What’s Next?

KA Lite has been a great starting point for LE, and has led us to identify a number of other ways that we could provide value to our end users. Each individual student has different needs and educational goals, and with the myriad of open-source online programs available, we aim to be able to provide access to these opportunities to offline users as well.

Therefore, the next step for us is to design a platform that allows for the creation, curation, and distribution of all types of open educational resources (OERs), not just Khan Academy. Such a platform would build on the foundation laid by KA Lite, and would further empower communities and individuals to tailor their educational materials as they see fit. Our recent work with Stanford in Gitwe, Rwanda, showed that such a system is possible, and the picture below is our first effort to provide two different groups of open-source software alongside each other in one, easy-to-use platform. As we make efforts to include other learning tools and expand this platform, we are excited to keep you all posted through our LE blog.

Have we piqued your interest? Visit our forums to find out more, or follow along on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re interested in getting involved with our mission, shoot us an email- we’re always grateful for supporters! We are the Foundation for Learning Equality, and we want your help in connecting the disconnected.

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