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Equatorial Guinea
Simply Equal Education began in 2008 when the co-founders (Amanda Malamut and Caitlin McGee) spent a semester studying abroad in Equatorial Guinea.  While in country, they spent time volunteering at a primary school in their neighborhood, Pre-Escuela Mama Celina.  While working in the school, we realized that children in Equatorial Guinea have no access to school supplies.  So although primary schooling is supposed to be free, the cost of supplies, fees and uniforms often inhibits families being able to send all of their children to school.  Also, children around the world do not often understand their ability to have a role as an active agent of social change. 

Simply Equal Education is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that works to help young people understand their role as active agents of social change and to help them develop relationships with their peers around the world. We accomplish this through interactive global education workshops and student led initiatives in the United States which provide children around the world with the supplies necessary to succeed in school.

We believe the lack of educational opportunities is a crisis on a global scale and once Simply Equal Education has been able to establish consistent support in Equatorial Guinea we will be able to expand our programming in other countries.

In a global economy, if we are going to leave the world in a better place, we need to create the conditions where children have the opportunities to engage each other. 

It is not simply a piece of paper or a pencil; it is an opportunity for a child to see that they too can make a lasting difference in the world. Helping youth connect with and learn from each other is what we believe defines the true essence of education. 

We believe that this is not a grand idea, but simply, an equal education for all.

Education in Equatorial Guinea:

  • There are approximately 110,000 students in Equatorial Guinea, 85,000 of those students are in 1st-6th grade.
  • In 2009, 38.1% of primary school aged students dropped out of school
  • In 2010, 43.7% of primary school aged children (ages 6 through 11) were out of school.
  • Education is compulsory for 5 years; expected years of schooling is 4.2.
  • Of the 885 schools located in Equatorial Guinea, 785 of them are Primary schools.

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