Right to Education Index Now Live!

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Right to Education Index Now Live!

February 24, 2019| | News | GCE-US


Contact: Jennifer Rigg, Executive Director, jrigg@gce-us.org,

Katie Loos, Research and Communications Fellow, kloos@gce-us.org

Washington, D.C. (February 24, 2019) The Global Campaign for Education-US (GCE-US) welcomes the launch of the 2018 data and recommendations for the Right to Education Index (RTEI), which monitors the right to education in countries based on indicators derived from the international right to education framework. RESULTS Educational Fund and global RTEI partners, including GCE-US, have gathered data on the scope and fulfillment of the global right to education from a network of countries around the world.


By partnering with civil society, research institutions, and governments, the index aims to hold countries accountable for their progress within the international right to education framework. Through the evaluation of a nation’s constitution, legal precedents, and policies in practice, researchers assess their country’s compliance under the measures of key international treaties and agreements. Ultimately, the resulting data from the RTEI strengthens the will of civil society and education advocates in the field and holds governments accountable for their obligation to the universal right to education.

GCE-US led RTEI research on behalf of the United States to examine the status of the right to education in the United States. An interactive review of these findings can be found on the RTEI Map where the data is aggregated into the key themes of governance, availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability.

GCE-US identified the following priority recommendations for U.S. government action to improve the right to education: 

  1. Education, human rights and safety: Develop the instruction of human rights in U.S. schools for Kindergarten through 12th grade education to incorporate an understanding of human rights; respect for parents, cultural identity, language and values, and the child’s country; individual responsibility (including tolerance and equality); and respect for the natural environment. This encompasses an emphasis on the rights of students in schools and their safety. Find out what you and a network of youth advocates can do to prevent gun violence in schools during #Enough: Youth Week of Action, begining March 11th.
  2. Border areas and marginalization of students: In addition to being reunited with their parents/guardians, unaccompanied children who have emigrated to the United States should be provided a free and compulsory public school education that is relative to their needs.
  3. S. government leadership in global education: The United States government should uphold its commitment to quality, universal, safe, inclusive education for all children and youth by ensuring that Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) is at the heart of education strategies and by aligning education targets and indicators with SDG4.

Please read the full US RTEI Country Brief for recommendations and a summary of this new data for the public, fellow advocates, and policymakers.



About GCE-US:

The Global Campaign for Education-US (GCE-US) is a broad-based coalition of national and community-based organizations, international NGOs, teacher unions, faith-based groups, and advocates dedicated to ensuring universal quality education for all children. The mission of the Global Campaign for Education-US is to promote education as a basic human right and mobilize to create political will in the United States and internationally to ensure universal quality education, which is at the core of all human development.

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