Do The Dougie For Desks!

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Do The Dougie For Desks!

April 4, 2013 | | News | GCE-US


Want to get your groove on for a good cause? SIMPLY EQUAL EDUCATION'S Dancing for Desks is a way for schools and groups to help buy desks for schools in Equatorial Guinea. Research has demonstrated that adequate teaching infrastructure, including furniture, can positively impact the participation of children in school. We are supporting new schools that are being built in rural Equatorial Guinea through our partners, but they have no desks for the students or teachers! Having a building where children can feel safe and secure while they go to school. Simply Equal Education has the unique opportunity to furnish the schools in Bososo and Bauala with the desks and supplies necessary to for a quality education for the children of rural Equatorial Guinea.

Simply Equal Education is asking groups to host and participate in a dance-a-thon - sign up your school or organization to host a dance-a-thon! The more groups that participate- the more desks we can get through dancing! Email us to sign up! Be sure to register your dance-a-thon as a team event on the Global Action Week US website to help fill your team!

All Dancers will be asked to raise money (or donate) on the day of the Dance-a-Thon. Dance, cheer, eat, listen to music and have FUN and know that while having fun, you are helping to raise money to provide desks for kids in Equatorial Guinea. Teams for the Dance-a-thon can be made of up to five people! Do you have friends with a lot of spirit? People who can help keep you excited and energized for hours?! Invite them to join you!

Can't host a dance-a-thon? You can still make a difference! SEE is working toward a goal of 100 desks at $100 each - that's $10,000! These desks are going to be made in Equatorial Guinea and will be made to be sustainable in their climate!

Whether it's $100 or $1, every donation makes a difference! Donate today to help furnish schools in Bososo and Bauala, Equatorial Guinea!!

For more information or to donate please check Simply Equal Education's WEBSITE or EMAIL.