GCE-US Releases Lesson for All, An Exciting New Global Education Teaching Tool for Elementary Tool

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GCE-US Releases Lesson for All, An Exciting New Global Education Teaching Tool for Elementary Tool

April 8, 2013 | |News | April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Washington, D.C.—-Today, the Global Campaign for Education-US Chapter launched the revamped Lesson For All (LFA) which is two units of 8 lessons plans focused on teaching U.S. students about the right to an education for all and the barriers that many young people around the world encounter when trying to go to school. The Lesson for All, written by Illinois classroom teacher Donna Roman, includes K-3 and 4-6 units that both have four lessons that involve discussion, activities, multimedia and assessments. All lessons are mapped to Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening Standards in the Common Core State Standards and the Global Competency Matrix.

“When Dr. Gragert sought my involvement in this latest project I did not hesitate for a moment,” said author Donna Roman. “As I constructed the Lesson for All units, I not only developed my knowledge on innumerable subjects, but, more importantly, I found myself changed in both heart and mind.  What I learned simultaneously reinforced my faith in humanity, and my alarm for the many children excluded from their basic rights.”

“One of our main focuses of our organization is to inform people about the right to an education and the benefits, both social and economic, of education around the world and U.S. Children can connect easily with the stories of peers the same age around the world who are not in school due to poverty, early marriage, lack of teachers, etc.. The LFA is a unique way for educators to build global awareness and competence and make a difference in a child’s life,” said Dr. Gragert.

The Lesson for All, focuses on the right to education and serves as a starting point that links to extension activities and lessons on other international issues that intersect with education as well as suggests ways that children can take action to make sure that universal quality education becomes a reality. Pictures in the LFA were provided by buildOn (http://www.buildon.org/). To access the electronic version of the Lesson for All, click here.


The Global Campaign for Education, U.S. Chapter (GCE-US) is a broad-based coalition of U.S. organizations including non-profit organizations, teachers’ unions, foundations, faith-based groups, and think tanks dedicated to ensuring universal quality education.