15-Year Celebration of GCE-US

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15-Year Celebration of GCE-US

October 19, 2018 | | News |


October 19, 2018


Jennifer Rigg, Executive Director, jrigg@gce-us.org

Katie Loos, Research & Communications Fellow, kloos@gce-us.org

Washington D.C. - In 2003, Gene Sperling, among others, founded the Global Campaign for Education-US. They had a vision to unite community-based organizations, international NGOs, teacher unions, faith-based groups, and think tanks dedicated to our common mission of promoting education as a basic human right and mobilizing to create political will in the United States and internationally to ensure universal quality education, which is at the core of all human development.

This year, we celebrate the 15th year of the Global Campaign for Education-US movement. Today, we are empowered by over 80 coalition members working across disciplines to visualize increased awareness and action toward Education For All. We are profoundly grateful for all our supporters’ steadfast commitments to ensuring universal quality education as a basic right.

For every $15 contribution to GCE-US, you will be entered for a chance to be spotlighted as a champion! More details can be found here.

To celebrate the dedicated work of everyone involved in GCE-US, we also invite you to share your education stories and experience with GCE-US by emailing: kloos@gce-us.org 

Please share your stories by November 26th to be included in the 15 Days of Celebration (December 1-15) highlighting efforts across the GCE-US movement.

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