GCE-US Response to Abuse in Liberian Schools

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GCE-US Response to Abuse in Liberian Schools

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In response to the news of horrific sexual violence and crimes committed against Liberian children by the staff with More than Me (referenced here), the Global Campaign for Education-US deeply affirms our commitment to the safe protection of students, learners and communities globally.

We stand in solidarity with the survivors and families affected by these acts of gender violence. It is our firm belief that students should never be subject to exploitation in or outside of classrooms. In response to this failure to students, we re-state the call for absolute and full recognition of human rights in all schools and for all people.

Acknowledging the widespread presence of actors of all types in education systems globally, we urge consideration of increased government regulation of all education providers and facilities. Human rights is the cornerstone of progress and the well-being of citizens, including children.  Government reliance on public-private partnerships in education must include stringent oversight of the institutions and those who work and volunteer for them.

The Global Campaign for Education-US supports transparent, collaborative, and quality public education that meets the needs of communities and learners, first and foremost. We are deeply saddened by this news and re-assert our commitment to human rights advocacy and universal access to quality education.


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