Investing in Education Around the World

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Investing in Education Around the World

January 31, 2014 | | News | Adriana Rosas


by Adriana Rosas, Fall 2013 GCE-US Advocate

At the State of the Union address Tuesday night President Obama said, “Research shows that one of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high-quality early education.”  One of the supporters of this statement is Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY).  In November 2013 I was able to attend a reception honoring Representative Lowey’s 25 years of work for children all around the world to receive accessible and high-quality education.

When I was invited to Representative Lowey’s reception I was extremely excited to see the Congressperson who many folks had praised at my Fall 2013 GCE Youth Advocacy Training.  As I walked into the reception I was starstruck to see Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) giving thanks to Representative Lowey’s dedication for children’s education all around the world.  Minority Leader Pelosi spoke about Representative Lowey’s notorious and tenacious spirit in advocating to Congress for accessible and quality education for all.  Minority Leader Pelosi spoke very highly of her support to Representative Lowey’s passion for children in other countries.

Shortly after Minority Leader Pelosi’s remarks Representative Lowey went to go speak on her experience in advocating for quality and accessible education abroad.  Representative Lowey told stories about the children she went to go visit in other countries.  Her heart broke and went out to these children.  She mentioned how it was a difficult issue to present to Congress because of the issues America faces right now at home. If Congress were to support high-quality and accessible education it would create better relations with other countries and create a safer America for us to live in Representative Lowey explained.  Her thanks and inspiration went out to all of those who have committed themselves to the children who deserve accessible and high-quality education around the world. 

Hearing others speak about Representative Lowey and hearing her speak on this issue allowed me to see she genuinely cares about the success of our children not only at home, but also across the globe.  Representative Lowey promised not to stop doing her part on the Hill and sent a message of needing continued support from us as advocates for education for all.  Seeing Representative Lowey, other politicians, and advocates at this reception I walked away hopeful and inspired to continue doing my part for the children who deserve a chance to learn and live better lives.  Although, in the State of the Union address last night President Obama was not specifically talking about high-quality education for children abroad research still proves that if we invest in all children around the world you, me, your family, and friends could all benefit by being in a healthier, smarter, safer, and less problematic world.