Update from Global Action Week 2011

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Update from Global Action Week 2011

May 16, 2011 | | News | GCE-US

May 16, 2011

Global Action Week celebrations continue around the country. Last week, GCE-US mobilized thousands of students to participate in Global Action Week and the Blue Ribbon Campaign. At town hall assemblies in Miami and Chicago,  nearly 1500 students shared stories of why education is important to them and called on the US Government to provide access to quality education in developing nations. “Getting an education helps you in life by learning right from wrong,  supporting yourself and your family, and getting a good high-paying career,” said a student in Miami.

In Toledo, Ohio,  nearly 100 students at the Stewart Academy for Girls wrote stories about why it’s important for children in the developing world to go to school. The girls shared their stories at an event attended by distinguished women from the community, including Francine Lawrence, the President of the Toledo Federation of Teachers. “Girls need a good career,” said one of the students. “Do something in life that you can be proud of.”

At Nia Community Public Charter School in Washington, DC,  more than ten classes participated in the Blue Ribbon Campaign to show their support for educating women and girls around the world. Students wrote on their ribbons why education is essential to them and sent their chains to GCE-US. “School is important to me because when I grow up I want a good job,”  said one of the ribbons.

This year’s Global Action Week kicks off a year-long campaign to highlight the importance of educating women and girls. You can take a stand for girls around the world by joining the Blue Ribbon Campaign and sending your chains to GCE-US in Washington, DC where they will be highlighted at a major press event in June - stay tuned for information!